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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 5, 2010 3:00am-5:00am PST

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live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> good morning, 4:00 a.m. we're there's day, which is almost friday. but not quite. but it is great to be another day like yesterday whether or as an issue is still cool how long does that far as the crowd sang and season with school. >> not quite friday. sale of of of of of the golden gate bridge once again that bart will be a story it will produce a little bit of drizzle the researchers
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still large. here's a look to where we're dealing with some thought this morning up to the north bay of livermore patchy nature rate around the bay area. the east is still seen that low cloud cover the fog of there. you can see the ride the golden gate bridge is not getting as much about fraud not quite as start dinner. san as they come morgan hill fairly thick fog and widespread. you can see that posted the delta into the volley. 9:00 still continuing to see a good portion of the fog stretching bay area wide even ctenophore gary might see a little better lifting. by about rob clark still dealing with a lot of fog along the peninsula and the coastline you'll see that far moving in and out
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throughout the afternoon still expect some blues guys out there much cooler temperatures as well 51 for 7 cisco 56 and oakland 757. 54 for livermore. as he headed the afternoon temperatures 74 for santa rosa, 71 in novato and richmond. 82 for concord cells bay getting some '80s. the 74 degrees in san jose, and around the bay temperatures are in the '70s and really cold today. check out this here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. is a cool one for you: adopt even more as we had an tomorrow with the assumptions baylor getting out of the '70s are for sixties around the bay lower 60s by the crows james. >> thank you, a checked and the commune westbound 80 traffic is nice, light note issue to the toros general from across the span despite the fact that how
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transistors 0 on the upper deck. you get farther than the brahms and i learned from the vase to since this group. traffic is moving well not a lot of activity on east 92. on the right-hand side is telling its head in their defense lawyer from new direction so far so good. 12 minutes from the toll plaza to 11. golden gate easy ride during county as you can see here in the shot not nearly as much fraud here as you seem to the past few days so far so good. making good time no issues during county highway 37 just 21 minutes. now george top stories landmark decision in across a case that could of course end up in the supreme court. the federal judge in throughout the rotifer of gay marriage ban has set a deadline of tomorrow for legal briefs to be filed. he will use those who would breeze as he considers a motion to stay
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his own decision moves through the appeal process to determine looks at how the judge came to this decision after hearing arguments for and against. >> a federal judge has overturned of order for a ban on same-sex marriage saying it violates the constitution's due process and equal protection clauses. the judge rejected the arguments for the error by backers of the band. he said domestic partnerships were not a substitute for marriage he siderites like the freedom to marry may not be submitted to a vote he also discounted the argument the ameritrust remain between a marriage and a woman. the judge went on to say in the the evidence shows proposition 8 does nothing more than in trying in the constitution the notion superior to same-sex couples. c,gv)+pvno carrierring no carrierring no carrier
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decision on a prop a case. the federal judge threw out the game and then has set a deadline now for tomorrow for legal briefs to be filed he will use those priests to help make his decision on a motion on whether not to suspend his own order. sanders is the mayor gavin newsom also smoker about throwing it called a victory in the battle for same-sex marriage. >> will this is a big decision, the big day for fundamental rights for american values i am very proud of it i am proud to say that we for the small role in 2004. video here look at some
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of for test yesterday for those are angry about the judge's decision and are in favor of proposition 8. of course you can find out more road profit the decision and the judges and is a belated decision to drop another not to steady with his own decision making get complicated the way to print it all on other headlines around the bay members of the san resisters budget and finance committee are considering a proposed ordinance that would impose a fee on alcohol distribution in the city. the charge for our arguments is seeking to recover an estimated $18 million in of all related cross the city. the fee would be about 5¢ per serving of beer, wine or liquor. the committee will submit a fee on monday as scheduled to go before the board in september. san jose voters on the outside and whether not the one quarter sales tax increase a san jose city council has decided not to place the measure on the ballot according to polls
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conducted in july and only have 42 percent support the increase was to help with the city's ongoing budget problems. the city of canton did decide to freeze to members on the ballot that would allow more flexibility in negotiating unions it would allow voters to offer of eight chartered change to reform the arbitration process that dictates how the city is allowed to negotiate. it would also redress' reducing retirement benefits for new city employees. those changes for a majority vote in. nationalist temperatures over 100 degrees are still melting melcher of the rest. rocking health warnings to. excessive heat warnings are surging from georgia to illinois to nebraska. in tennessee the memphis fire department has to check this out there is another some might be suffering.
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firefighters went door-to-door encouraging people to check their neighbors, friends stay hydrated. the blistering heat has are even blamed for 10 deaths in that area. let us find more about our area and not nearly as warm we are dealing with cooler than normal temperatures obviously louisa is tracking that. each day it seems to get a little bit cooler. notice the shock from san jose the wind is shaking it around a little bit windows play overall and the forecast in fact it to get to 20 m.p.h. to gas or a little bit stronger than that. san as a 57 degrees by noon getting up to 68 high temperatures today in san jose 74. back down again to the upper 60s ready o'clock hour. several of the church during as far through the north bay we are seeing a littoral break through the delta but it is starting to move into the livermore valley down and your san jose, morgan hill patchy however along the
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peninsula. do not be surprised if this far israel but a drizzle of there. 7:00 this person to continue widespread you can see that of the porsche driven to the central valley, 9:00 hour or so of continuing to see quite a bit of fog of their. low cloud cover.. 10:00, clearing to the napa valley in down there san jose. so giving credit the fog of their even tell about noon. so you can still see the fog sitting over the peninsula and not be surprised if we do not get some sun shine in the afternoon but still mixed record october. 51 san francisco 56 for oakland down to the south bank, view opera '50s. 54 livermore 56 is not. getting up to 74 for san rosa, cooler forecast. 61 in richmond and over to hayward about 72 degrees about the same in fremont. along the coastline
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we're keeping those temperatures in the '50s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. which continues to show is a cooling trend it is going to be cool to rob barely getting of the '70s upper 60s around the bay lower 60s for the coast fog will continue into saturday becoming more apache into next week. james. >> thank you from the bay bridge toll plaza here traffic obviously on the very light side this morning as you may carry through the tour visits across when the as caltrans is up there as they typically are nearing in an hour during their work. again they are not getting in europe is running nine minutes from one end to the other. no delays, from sears' cross man drive time on reston 92 or 2101 just wrote minutes. golden gate giving is a good book your juror tran thanh the south and san francisco as
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you can see there is got out there to speak of just a handful of hivites trickling into the city this morning your drive time from are with 37 counts in the city 21 minutes. san jose check your one-on-one traffic is like there, have led so far direction as you can see not allow the company of the roads. 12 ministers of san jose to san clara. more weather, traffic in a moment. were bulging u.s. candidate for early few arenas says she disagrees with a federal judge's decision overturning a same-sex marriage for it. california voters approve spoke clearly won a majority approved profit back in 2008 they both support the ruling they call it an historic step forward for equal rights. scenery now says the church every bush. those of the wesley should be extended permanently
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the former ceo hewlett-packard says that raising taxes is the wrong approach as the economy struggles to. higher taxes would lead them to invest less and not over the economy. democratic leaders say the senate will consider the issue in september details are not final but president barack obama has considered letting taxables expire. meanwhile warning of a date for the well with his pitch to convince the very rich people to share their wealth. he is now convinced 40 wealthy families to give his top their money to charity he launched a campaign @uaimed of towboat billionaire'' he has pledged to give 99 percent of his own fortune to charity. here's a live look good side as they go, checking are recovered camera giving you a shot of low clouds, fog still c,gv60
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and we're back here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. with temperatures again on the cool side today fog commager's of this morning you're very use rivers i can tell you that socially if you're along the coast or anywhere really in the north bay drawing on 101 this afternoon it will get up to below 80 inland mid-60's around the bay los 60s along the coast we will launch a cooling off
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even more as we head towards the weekend brace yourself not your typical august forecast here is a delicate bay bridge approach traffic is pretty light and was about 80 against how transfer from the upper deck that left in lanes closed down because traffic is so light you're getting by that of any delay at all nice, easy ride more detailed look coming up. now want california news here state corrections officials have been ordered by gov. sorts a bigger to alert the public when a sex offender parolee slips away from supervision the order comes after recent instances in baker street in city and joe were curley's habitat teenage girls are disappearing and discarding their gps links. those in good to have to wear the corrections are as as it will likely post peroration on some sort of public works site that this ought to develop. the bodyguard who was one of the loss people to cnn nicole's mother alive is
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expected to testify in the drug conspiracy trial. reese tried to revive smith before she died in 2007 and has given varying accounts on what he sought his testimony comes after a day of opening statements smith's doctors and lawyers were from have faded not guilty to charges are over for starter in drugs. also this morning national news your a camel has testified that the war are in trouble of charles taylor that she received dirty rocks, being questioned zero claims being made that he gave the model an uncut diamond after a dinner party and said that iraq in 1957 prosecutors say that as evidence that she received a diamond exchange for your reference. during the country's 1992 to two dozen several. let them as their growth. every
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district and has canceled to free concert in new york because of injuries this is franklyn arriving for president ron was an operation she fell over the weekend sergeant terrorist chooses to make of those free concert later on this year. we're hearing about a powerful explosion in the philippines at an airport and at least one person we're told is dead and nine others hurt in this last it happened in the seventh voting city officials across one of just a little while ago outside of passenger arrival gate at the airport terminal investigators are still trying to determine whether not the fatality was a person caring impressions on innocent bystander will read the latest as it develops a. we're going to take a break we'll be back with more headlines in just a moment. a live look to outside quick check on what looks like an san francisco from james lick, those headlights are headed southbound toward the peninsula as you can see you're
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wearing just fine this morning.
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4:30 a.m. a live look for risk of camera were again the low clouds are up there the fog is that there the cool temperatures are there, just like the heavier the past couple of weeks let us find out where temperatures are going from this point on with louisa. >> yesterday felt loyalty today will be pretty similar test it. and factory could see those temperatures decline even more the law was signed yesterday so the shock from downtown looks clear of their still drilling was an car cover, low clouds continue to say of maybe even potentially a little bit and drizzled, downtown san francisco not dealing with as much dense fog as we did
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yesterday. as we headed to the afternoon breezy conditions, we're going to get statements up to 20 starter gus and that. the jurors they are still below that average was priced. satellite pictures showing itself fought to the north bay along 101, also now just starting to form becoming a little bit thicker along the northern portions of the peninsula through these big, moving into the livermore valley. he could see that fog floating down the the south lake san jose getting quite a bit also morgan hill. fog trackers said for 7:00, when the sun rises that fog starts to thicken up. 6:00, 7:00 hour range we will continue see if anybody out there even tell about 9:00. you could see how extensive are really is. as we head towards 10:00, but clearing and even the 11:00 hour still continue to see a great deal of low cloud cover along the peninsula. we'll get some breaks of sunshine into the afternoons when the crowds out there. 51¢ a sister, 54 concord, fremont. 57 for
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mountain view and san jose. 52 half moon bay. 71 percent fell on novato. 77 fairfield. 57 san francisco of the cool of the where we were yesterday but we were in the '50s is his fault. 83 for los gatos, morgan hill. plenty of '70s out there is 71 for redwood city even cooler for oakland. dropping out about 63. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay.: temperatures then tomorrow. into the weekend expense that fraud to continue. morning fog and drizzle on saturday then becoming more touchy in nature. overall call forecast. thank you, a live look for westbound 80 traffic is moving well and as we've been reporting there is no issue across the span despite the fact
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that there is our agenda of their doing some work. you're getting by that with no problems. nine minutes from the oakland side in san francisco. san mateo moving well a few more cars of their their we have our last report still no issue 12 minutes from hayward there to foster city. warren county, nice and light. as you can see on the golden gate only one head like maybe one set, never said ralph in the distance it is an easy ride from duron to san francisco. 21 minutes from highway 37 down 101 into the city. albany here's our shop on these bayside you can see have the s curve they're headed in the westbound direction great now traffic is light to moderate with speeds better than 50. note from mr. for free this morning your drive time from her to berkeley 11 minutes. on to our top story that of course is a landmark decision in the from a
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case that could at the end of in the u.s. supreme court the federal judges throughout the border bridge game your japan has now set a deadline of tomorrow for illegal favors to be filed by both sides he will use those trees as he considers a motion tuesday is our decision where the case moves to the appeals process. in the ruling the judge backed his decision by state domestic partnerships were not a substitute for marriage and the fundamental rights block the freedom to marry cannot be decided by about. he also discussed an argument made by robert rivers of had that. this day on the judge's ruling is expected to remain in phase at least read the appeals process but again he will make a final decision to mount. video people celebrating in san francisco is castro just across night. (music) that was just a sampling of what it was
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like get there on the streets released in the district yesterday's ruling a disappointment to those supermarket. and voted for proposition 8 they feel as though the judge's decision goes against the will of the voting public, here is what jim campbell of the alliance defense on the organizers in the past eight had to say. >> we believe that this is a very dangerous precedent and that the court is sending a very clear message jurors who are influenced by morality or religious beliefs say at a political life. order road is not going to count or be legitimate. that aspect of the decision is very were sent to all people of faith around the country. >> this is the scene outside of the federal buildings and a sister were supporters protesting against a ruling saying of course that they feel betrayed. traditional marriages under attack hopefully it we
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count on the supreme court decision that is pretty upsetting to me i'm an american citizen i live in a democratic society i believe that my vote should count, today was a return millions of people's votes were overturned by one unelected judges. i do not feel like a live in america. >> it is that the california does not want to uphold got lost. the defendants say that they are appealing the ruling we will course be following the governor's schwarzenegger issued a statement following yesterday's ruling although he was named as a defendant in a lawsuit he is calling the decision a milestone on america's road to equality he said the decision " confirms the sole legal protections and safeguards that i believe everyone deserves hundreds of thousands of gay and lesbian household the california he added that he recognized there are strong feelings on both sides of this issue, and that we should recognize that those differences will continue.
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>> santa clara county is one place for same-sex couples fight to get married in the past but is kron4 caves are socialists people seem to be holding back despite the kron ruling. >> here at the kind court house you can see lot people waiting for marriage certificates none of the same sex are opposed to usher in a desert. were the nonagon notable the court ruling but people may also be waiting since the ruling is being delayed until more arguments are heard in court is in six foster noted this one do we turn away and throw final ruling. the final decision is not official. >> was set for two steps back thurman decisions are made for them a little fun happens drift >> one of those couples of charges in the designs. >> and of course our coverage continues on line this morning and leave us your comments and get the latest details on the ruling and workers from here you can find all of that of
4:37 am one the story to come. oakland mayor ron dellums as he will not seek reelection he said " it is time to pass the baton to the next generation of leadership he served in congress for 27 years became mayor back in 2006 despite his achievements being mayor has not been easy, oakland of course continues to wrestle with my friends, and of course budget and school and enter problems. ac transit hopes that bus service disruptions will end sunday when they switch back to old work rules and schedules. by the court ruling. leonard and six departures road out sick yesterday compared to about 90 daly absence before the dispute. ac transit manager has said it sickout caused many delays or cancellations of bus runs the union of course denies the sickert ever happened. other developing story out of the problem mexico and the latest
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efforts to properly plugged that ruptured while on the floor of the gulf today bp plans to start shoving cement down to the bottom of the well to plug the leak. the plan was approved late last night by government officials they say cement can be used as long as it does not delay the ultimate solution which is of course the drilling of the relief well they say that early fall is about 100 or so feet from making contact with the c four. new details about the oil spill in the kalamazoo red or and western resident. federal officials have founded the company responsible for this bill did not notify authorities until hours after the pipeline broke one michigan congressman also believes that there may have started the night before the departure reported and a course in kalamazoo does alternately drain into lake michigan. taking a break, back
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with more airlines in a moment. a live look get side, keeping an eye on your id san francisco traffic here in the james lick freeways of the seven
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flow laugh highway and 37 novato all the way down into san francisco. also making headlines this morning in others and the marijuana ordinance in the east bay in oakland, it is that in the attention of the federal government kron4 is busy again takes a look to what the feds are concerned. >> the drug enforcement agency had taken an interest in oakland's new marijuana ordinance which allows for large-scale marijuana crop trading operations intended for medical purposes. agents recently put in a call to
4:42 am
oakland city hall inquiring about the city's new ordinance stating that any time that there is large-scale marijuana cultivation and that's something that interests the dea. mayor why is currently illegal under federal law medical marijuana is illegal. the d.a. rep tells me that they're just checking to see that the city's new ordinance does not exceed state deadlines if it does the feds could interfere with oakland's new pot growing plants. hasmonean kron4 news. san jose's city leaders and the firefighters union are back at the bargaining table today this week in the city laid off 49 _firefighters some of them we understand could be brought back if the city in the union agree on dates. on sunday the firefighters' union offered to cut past the hour is by far a quarter percent along with the disease as it is not enough they're looking for something more long lines of 10 percent
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salary cuts. real fall that i think the latest offer from the city is nine and a half percent. if we will see of the union goes for that. students return to trace elementary school in san jose and is to run 11 days from now as the district races to get ready for those glasses after that arson fire this is video of one myerson was fought running back on june 5th district officials say they will be ready for portables on site and at a middle school across state even as the district is trying to raise funds to pay that insurance deductible for new building this in as a fireman donated $5,000 to help but and this lady's see here for a cell which from the fire of trees. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. let us go back outside and it was another look up or risk camera incidents as though you can see there's some fog, low clouds same matter we have seen or the price we get now. we will ladino we're keeping an eye and
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i suppose if we start to see delays we will be sure to let i suppose if we start to see delays we will be sure to let you know. guys remember, i suppose if we start to see delays we will be sure to let you know. we're a solar system. mars is down...and... um, it's only 10am. who hasn't had their jimmy dean breakfast this morning? mmmm! now lets orbit i feel awesome. you're all awesome. jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches, fight the morning fade.
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indiana back, 445 on our top story this morning of course at landmark decision in the proper a case a case of very well could end up in a lot of this u.s. supreme court. the federal judge to merge the case this year throughout california's order for the ban on gay marriage and has set a deadline for tomorrow for legal briefs to be filed by both sides. the same-sex marriage debate has been a long road here in california here is kron4 is the delivery of this with a look at our reach yesterday's decision. >> save 6 marriage brought headlines with what couples walk the city hall to tie the knot thousands of stage rows as the arctic. here's the time line on our profit came to be in came undone. february 2004 san francisco mayor gavin newsom okays a strained marriage licenses to same-sex couples
4:46 am
august 2004 california supreme court rules that merit news overstepped his authority when declares 4000 same-sex marriage null and void. that's 4 to may 2008, california's supreme court rosa stakeout restitution for dexter rights is a is a contribution to marry. in june of 2008 1 million signatures are said richard for property on the ballot. in november 2008 california voters passed propagate the ban on same-sex marriage with approximately 52 4¢ of the votes. january 2010, to california gate countersuit claiming the ban violates their civil-rights. august 4, 2010 at 1:48 p.m. a federal judge strikes out of date and allows same-sex marriage in california. but it doesn't necessarily stop here. experts say that this will likely be a field, heading first to the ninth circuit of appeals and then if the justices agreed
4:47 am
to review all the way to the u.s. supreme court san francisco, vicki the august, kron4 news. we will have continuing coverage as this story continues to all over the next months coming years to come. the place to go live logging read some of that discussion see where the your stance. second the forecast, another called zantac. >> good morning james. here's a look good side of san mateo bridge, the fog this morning is like high not going anywhere. so here once again we are dealing with a little bit of drizzle and outside their and widespread fraud in fact it could take even little longer today to burn off than it did yesterday. for 55 san mateo when in getting up to 66 and a high temperature today about 71 back down again to 64 by the clock tower. satellite to a church during is once again
4:48 am
worth of fraud is sitting in the north bay starting to really thicken along the peninsula pushing down into the south bay as well san jose, morgan hill dealing with the box also livermore. as it turns up the treacherous we're so radical incentive is is there, 51 degrees down to run view, sanders a 57. 55 for hayward, your afternoon highs getting up into the low '70's is trying to be: 73 and sonoma, to mill valley about 70 degrees along the peninsula were not getting out of the fifties. 57, yesterday a few degrees warmer than that. 71 and sam a day on redwood city. 72 degrees down and teen city, fremont about the same much chillier however a place like berkeley. inland, these are still swarmed response of the area. 84 and yet, 82 pittsburgh. 73 sunnyvale, 83 los
4:49 am
gatos, 77 cupertino. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shares is getting even cooler as we headed to the end of your work week fog still stays in to the picture as we headed here saturday, sunday a little bit more patchy for next week. james. a check on your ride this morning no hot spots out there is really pretty light this morning. a project, bay bridge is moving well you can see the have led to a review the toll plaza without any problems although caltrans is out there doing some overnight were were were there during their burrows dug. so traffic is our right nine minutes to the oakland a's in san francisco highway 92 san mateo was moving well a few more till it's and the westbound direction so far so good new issues of the toll plaza. 12 minute is allah will take you to get from here order to foster city golden gate, light traffic here on 101 to the
4:50 am
handful of headlights there and one set of taillights headed in the northbound direction or company of their in the span of your heading out in the next 30 minutes it easy commute. 21 minutes from highway 37 down 11 incidents as there, james lick, you get those headlights and the center for erie had dared to 101 the south from side moving fine. as you can see not a lot of traffic there bay bridge repaired and the issue is 13 minutes from san francisco or down to us of rope. speaking msf road travel is getting harder for bay area passengers flying the now defunct airline. what people should expect when it comes to changes in schedules its 31 flights and all. >> uncertainty continues for those you see waiting heinie for mexicana allen's to fight to call paula. >> things are not as bad as among their when flights were canceled officials say one side is up and running over from the
4:51 am
morning to the afternoon still that causes confusion for family and passengers. some say they still have not heard for mexicana about what will happen from day to day. >> my mom was was a good year on sunday when she got to the airport in mexico they actually canceled her flight she did not know and so she got there. this was the earliest we can get it. some passengers say they're happy to avoid the confusion >> airline this assures that the fire will continue as is to the end of august but san as a nationalist experting is ginger and daly basses. san as it, critics are, kron4 news. meanwhile caltrans is ahead of schedule and installing the legs of the new bay bridge towers. transportation mark jones was there from its use of it rows of low approval
4:52 am
>> this bay bridge project is two weeks ahead of schedule in its search of hours to move the first hour legged position they did the second over the weekend i watched from this now walk as the third piece was just moved into place. the 1,200 t is lifted up until to the same time it is time consuming so i will speed up the video for you. 6000 percent. it's easy being moved. once it is vertical, they hoisted up so they can lower on these rods coming up from the foundation you cannot tell from here i am so high up but those rods are each 6-10 ft. tall. the on to more than 100 runs for this section. when the tower was finally standing straight its entire way was on the barge. which began to creek with noise. warner is causally being pumped into the other end of the barge to keep the bridge table. the pounding you hear is the workers
4:53 am
disconnecting the 1,200 t from its cradle so that they can begin to lift a few inches at a time. workers will stand on this one in five forms to opposition and as it goes into place. and without a hitch the fourth leg it gets installed by the saturday as you can see in this animation they have four more sections to install the next in october and when that happens drivers on the bay bridge will see the construction as a drive by. on the bay bridge, mark jones kron4 news. we'll keep following it for 53 as the time listed another break and roadside while we do, another check of the bay bridge approach traffic is still
4:54 am
it all started when i was little and my dad took me to our local rink.. that love of skating took me to the olympics. i also have a love for reading. i remember my mom reading to me at night. those stories helped me reach for the stars as i drifted off to sleep. that's why i've joined with reading is fundamental, america's largest children's literacy group. together we inspire children to become life-long readers, so they can go for the gold. go to rif dot org, and inspire a child to read today. (music) welcome back to kron4 morning news, now is for 58. here is the king had a shot of pass it is pretty darn good data this log. unlike the common seeing temperatures reached
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around 51 degrees. in getting up to 58, a high temperature only 77, but then again to 69 by 8:00. bart track kurdish areas the fog to the north bay really starting to thicken up on the peninsula and for a jaunt through the gate this morning in through oakland from our fremont and the livermore. current average or 51 degrees for san francisco 54 for livermore 56 and antioch down the amount you the same. in the afternoon we're keeping those '70s around well below average temperatures for sinners, and a park into those seven days of 7 degrees for mill valley and along the peninsula were not getting into the 50s today. a few degrees cooler than where we were yesterday about 71 in some detail over down the neck, berkeley temperatures still sitting in the mid-low 60s. order the san juan valley temperatures in the mid to upper 70's 82 degrees for it transferred 84 antioch south bay
4:56 am
temperatures are staying in the '70s a little cooler as your of your having to run view on getting up to root 67 degrees. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shares is getting even cooler tomorrow. friday will bring as temperatures in the upper 70's for some of the wardens of the upper 60s around the big the '60s for the coast as we continue into the weekend that will stay cool of their exports and morning fog even the low bidder drizzle on for your side of it, so that fog is doubly going to be part of the picture this region becoming eligible more patchy. james. >> thank you, this coming in just as possible of minutes we wanted to give you the latest on the retail sales reports that are now flowing in for earlier reports show a modest revenue gains in july, so that may be some good news for traders, we will see what happens it is a little mix stores are reporting results of the today costco, limited brand saying that their sales figures are pretty good
4:57 am
for july we will see a trader state that is good news the opening bell said to bring in about one up 15 hours. for alex rodriguez made history hitting a 600 career home run yesterday a rock hit the magic number art yesterday afternoon. blue jays john markham in the first inning when a while. is the man his overrun on the basis. the yankees' third baseman is the youngest player in the major league baseball to reach the milestone so congratulations. we will be back with more on the men in the latest of stories coming up on his side of this break here is a live look outside a checked the san mateo bridge with traffic on the westbound side moving at a lot of this morning. we will be right back.
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in the merrimack and before 5:00 a.m. top stories that is our supporters of same-sex marriage
5:00 am
celebrated into the night the overturning of prostate but there's still a long way to go we will have details on the next debt and a legal body. oakland will have a new mayor next year as mayor ron dellums says he will not seek a second term in office we will hear reaction from local residents san jose formally rejected a proposal by firefighters what the city is asking now, we'll have more on that also here's a quick check your roof terrace first quarter and your forecasts more far out there today good morning louisa. >> size hiding now fog but it is out there here's our shot from albany you can see all lights are low cloud cover his own plays and back that far to be producing a little better drizzle this morning here's a look right now breezy as we head into the afternoon the wins to get up to about 20 and the temperature still well below average in fact we did call some of those temperatures drop even more yesterday. fog is sitting in the north bay starting to
5:01 am
really stick it up along the peninsula and pressure on downriver around the bay and the livermore valley and darya into the san jose the starting 7:00 going to say thicker their widespread 9:00, still the same story the fog is not going anywhere. as a hundred san o'clock we'll see a bid clearing into the tall clock tower so by noontime, still doing some fog of there is pretty slow to burn today some clouds into the picture as we headed the afternoon, tran temperatures of 551 for san francisco 55 for hayward and a little warmer for that is headed to run view, san jose coming in reruns 57 degrees and afternoon eyes popping only in the low 70's davis san rosa, rosa parks, for the nfl, mill valley same story. barely getting into the '70s. 57 santa disco, chile today run the peninsula. not getting out of the '50s in daly city, east bay temperatures during the low 60s. berkeley, oakland union city and hayward all 72. and once bought
5:02 am
only getting up to about 84 degrees for antioch, through the sand around valley, number is 77 and down into a separate 74. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. tomorrow we get even more vocal down temperatures did not of the '70s for tomorrow for some of the warmer and in spots. upper 60s for the coast and your saturday brings us more morning fog. james. thank you, a checked and your commit this morning so far, so good no hot spots of their the project first look of the bay bridge approach this is westbound 80 traffic is moving well in a lot of gaps betweenwx the headlights very little company of their you're making your tracking good time in nine minutes from the macarthur maze to the city. san mateo moving well although volume is building just a bit but still it is an easy ride to get from here were defroster city last time we checked it was 12 minutes and that is still the case at this hour. golden gate showing you an
5:03 am
easy ride from marin county not accompany on our raised chp made the drive on 101 between highway 37 in san francisco they have not found anything to slow you down that is an easy commute 21 minutes to cross that stretches for way more weather, traffic coming up. let us get to our top story that is of course that landmark decision in the proper a case that could send it in the u.s. supreme court and federal judges throughout california is approved gate marriage band that has set a deadline for to offer legal papers to results for both sides. the judge says he will use those bridge to come to a decision on a motion were there to stay his own decision was a case moves through the entire appeals process while the ruling only affects california the appeal will go to the ninth circuit court appears off the court has to restriction over nine western states so that court makes a decision affecting those nine states that we could see this thing your way to the
5:04 am
supreme court there will be confronted with the question whether gay couples have a constitutional right to marry. the judge just issued 136 page ruling in it he says he backed a decision to overturn prop. 8 by st. domestic partnerships will not a substitute for marriage, fundamental rights like the fear of marriage cannot be decided on by a vote if he also discounted and r.e.m. made by backers off the same marriage must remain between a man and woman for procreation to stay on the judge's ruling is expected to remain in place ellis' until tomorrow when he makes a decision whether or not it will be extended. the two couples to challenge of eight held a news conference after the ruling came down and here's some what they had to say. >> for so long sandy and i and our family have been regarded as less than on the ball not worthy of liberty, and the pursuit of power and is on
5:05 am
barack. but this decision says that we are americans do. we do should be treated equally. our family is just as loving just israel, just as valid as. ever as here we have some video so rations and the castro was made as you can see hundreds came out more like a party atmosphere their daddy did come across as an intro to shoulder near market street as many as 600 people shore up to join in waiting rainbow flags and signs in support of same-sex marriage. there were also celebrations in southern california as well here's a video shop at a san diego yesterday were hundreds of people lined the sidewalks are applauding their ruling this point no word from police of any arrests or anyone getting unruly it look like a fairly peaceful rally appearance and and his group. supporters of proposition 8 also we did it by
5:06 am
the court hours yesterday. they were disappointed by the judge's decision here's a sample of what a few of them had to say. >> the great tragedy for our nation the traditional marriages under attack, hopefully now at the august interim accord to save the nation. >> pretty upsetting to me i'm an american citizen and live in a democratic society i believe that my vote should count and today it was overturned millions of people's votes orders for return by one unelected judges. i really davila america. >> it is sad, it is decide that california does not want to uphold god's law. the defendants of prostate debate a plan to appeal the ruling and of course we will continue to fall this as well our coverage continues on line this morning if you'd like to leave your comments and get the latest details had there at a lot of people are just trading not only alive bonding order of your " we pose the question did do you agree with the judge's ruling in the
5:07 am
end it was where the 6040 split with the mirror jury saying yes they do. give a lot. san francisco overnight 1 of jews suspects is on the loose, accused of trying to rob an off-duty police officer. i haven't around midnight on marlin court in the city's bayview district the officer who is not with the san francisco police are in a fairly open fire on the suspects shortly after they attempted to rob her. one of the suspects was hit in the torso he is in hospital the other one we understand got away. new details oakland mayor ron dellums says he will not seek reelection, here is his " he says it is time to pass the baton to the next generation of leisure " he served in congress for 27 years became mayor back in 2006 despite his achievements being there has not been easy for him oakland still continues to wrestle with crime budget, education problems. >> we'll be right back with more
5:08 am
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in mayor back to check the market had done stock futures are edging up this morning following the dow's rally the dow ended the day at 44 points to 10,006 eight seven s and p and the nasdaq finished higher. s&p will get another raid on need government reports on new claims for unemployment that will happen this morning analysts are looking for a drop of 2000 or so from the week before and the retail sector will also be in focus when the nation's top stain source reports seem so figures for july the first couple are looking good will see it the rest rose two. hall of fame pitcher nolan ryan is not going for president, he's after trying for honor. he's won the bidding offered a total of 593 million in they beat out mark your the owner of the dallas mavericks. also this morning europe and the international monetary state
5:11 am
recent has made considerable progress in dealing of the financial prioresses but it still faces key challenges and risks of his hopes to receive $11.8 billion in loans present number 30 is. in return agrees has implemented strict measures that have since seen it cut civil service and increase taxes that triggered riots but things have calmed down quite a bit. now to the latest in the gulf oil spill and efforts to partially plug that well on the seafloor here are live pictures of the well head, as you can see nothing is leaking this morning that temporary cap is working today bp plans to start showing the cement down into that well had they did much the networks now they're granted to cement to connolly plug the top of that leak the plan was approved by government officials bases meant to be used as long as it does not delay the altman solution which is the drawing of the well to the bottom. they will do what
5:12 am
is called the bottom kelso they will get a cap that raw hopefully be it. we're also taking a quick look at some world headlines new free this morning a bus plunges into a swollen river in eastern pakistan 20 people and ultimately killed 20 others missing a powerful excursion has tilted least one person and wounded nine others at an airport in the southern philippine city we're still waiting for more details to come around on that here we have police arrested in 22 women, children who were abducted by human trafficking ring in southern china for two decades we will have more on that story creek and a shot of 680 where traffic is moving for while in the north and out directions. we will be right back.
5:13 am
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5:15 am
san francisco mayor gavin newsom canada in the wake of that ruling to cut about the ruling ito did a victory in the battle for same-sex marriage to listen. >> look, personally this is an extraordinary moment because real people's lives have once been affirmed at the same time it's tougher in your terms or appreciation because you recognize the work that lies ahead is not the first that everyone says is a first of which hundreds for steps. this is another step in a very long process. >> as you might ever auctioned road coming in from public aid officials has fallen down a long lines early theory died disagrees with the judge's decision to overturn prop. 8 teases california murders stroke clearly against same-sex marriage whenever a majority approved it. california senator
5:16 am
is a democrat diane and barbara boxer both say they support throwing they call it a historic step forward for people's equal rights. continuing coverage on the story keep returned your and our web site will have much more as it develops in the days month coming years to come. good morning james weaver got a shot of five for your san jose in san jose is one of the place is doing some work hard cover, fahd once again widespread. see a little better drizzle in some spots today especially along the coast san as it currently is our 57 degrees by an intent jumping up more than 10 degrees and in a high temperature today topping out and only about 74 degrees by the end of the upper 60s. satellite pictures gesture and to show us the fog thickening up on the northern portion of the peninsula to we've seen this is in place for the north bay in these big fishing into the net east. san jose all the way down
5:17 am
into morgan hill is dealing with that low cloud cover and fraud. six-sum of rock up boxers to thicken up the we will keep better around even tell about 9:00 the widespread fraud. 74 still shows as a good run of low cloud cover on these big, peninsula. noontime you can still see that fog along the coast, and the peninsula. keep those gloves on we might get some breaks as sunshine those centers will be call for early 51 prison sentences still did but we will stay in the '60s. mt. view, san jose 57. your afternoon highs on getting up to about 74 in santa rosa. petaluma 72, 71 for novato debt into xenophobe, mill valley the low '70's checkered and it's as good today the afternoon i 57 degrees same story for daly city not getting into the 50s today a little bit cooler the where worry yesterday keeping those
5:18 am
temperatures and low sixties for berkeley, oakland down into union city boy of 72 and these bay even warmer spots on the getting up to about 84 degrees for antioch. south bay, debitors tinkle as well only 67 for an afternoon high in mountain view. 74 through the santa clara valley los scutters, morgan held on the low 80s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. brings as cooler temperatures in tomorrow that cooler rush of air we're only getting up into the upper seventies for the warmest in loans boxster model so even cooler than it was the day. sixties around the bay a low sixties for the coast keeping not fog, in the picture for the weekend. >> thank you, here is a checked of your commode this morning we have an easy ride here on westbound 80 traffic is building but still moving through deposit without any delay new issues on the bridge to either cut gems has predicted overnight were all lanes are open nine minister
5:19 am
hayward to roster city when i sing from from macarthur maze to san francisco. here is to arrive from hayward to foster city the san mateo bridge, highway 92 is moving well and no issues here on the paws or the high-rise 12 minutes from hayward to foster city. one short year of the golden gate bridge giving you a look at 1017 found out of orange county again and no issue at the toll plaza there really is of the golden gate bridge it's always nice to me it is the same this morning. highway 37 dons santa's their 21 minutes. james lick, where we have said eastertide lead heading south on 11 toward the peninsula so far so good no delay here's your headed towards the lower deck your read on these studies moving their in eproms 13 minutes from the city down to us several. religion of us about its and the delays. to the tune here for that, 18 convicted of battery for attacking a public course in from l.a. has been sentenced to one year in jail,
5:20 am
for years are rationed. the incident happened back in 3 the city employe was driving a back row when someone your object of his vehicle when he got out you can see all the people rush into a corner of the screen that is when he was attacked by sir roger miles not to the ground and was swarmed by 40 people. he suffered broken teeth a fractured jaw broken collarbone and structured all. another juvenile is still facing prosecution. and the cards officers say they have seized marijuana plants and process marijuana worth of more than two and a half million dollars from a garden west of colorado in an unincorporated part of sonoma county they said the garden which contain more than 1300 plans was a hundred and 50 yds long 30 yds wide and was ordered by a lake on the property. officers surrounded during a search of presence they also found guns on the property as well. here's another story for you news around the bay numbers
5:21 am
of citizens of this budget and finance committee are considering a proposed ordinance that would impose a fee on alcohol distribution in the city they call it the charge for harm ordinance it seeks to recover an estimated $18 million and alcohol related costs to the city to be about a nickel for serving a beer, wine or alcohol. the committee is set to debate the fee on monday and is scheduled to go before the board in september. san jose voters will not have to decide on whether not the 1 1/4 cent sales tax increase in november the city council decided not for the measure on the ballot according to a poll conducted in july the tax increase only had about 40% this report and it is so the sales increase was supposed to help the and growing budget problems but will let happen now. they did decide to place your measures on and a member of that would allow more flexibility in negotiating contracts the first about to approve reforming the arbitration process so the city can negotiate with police in
5:22 am
variants in a different way. the other about a merger would address reducing retirement benefits for news city employees. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. let us go to the south a live look of san jose a there was no one camera by the seven interchange as you can see traffic is moving fairly well off in the southbound direction of five is not to run either will have more commuter and the forecast coming up.
5:23 am
5:24 am
in we're back let's see a quick
5:25 am
look at your forecasts, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. cool, demarco were a what a shocking more colas as yet and the weekend that is the trend away: we would expect for august will begin in the right. 84 inland mid-60's around the bay below 60s along the coast and as you can see at the forecast we just stay in that track for the next seven days. meanwhile they're getting a really different experience in the midwest temperatures there are were hundred degrees a lot of that melting much of the midwest's prompting health warnings and adding to the danger of wildfires this is a few warnings of church and georgia to illinois. in fact in the tennessee valley here you're looking video and memphis fire department officials are going door-to-door judging on the elderly making sure people are right amount of water. firefighters are encouraging people to check their neighbors frequently to make sure everyone is ok the blistering heat has been blamed for 10 deaths in
5:26 am
that area new details on the oil spill in the kalamazoo river we're dry the west michigan or federal officials have found of the company responsible for the spill did not notify authorities tell hours after their pipeline broke. that leak has released more than 1 million gal. into account zero and a kalamazoo does end in lake michigan so they're trying to get the zero stop of forgets their in of back here in the bay area caltrans is ahead of schedule and installing leas of the new bay bridge to our transportation reporter mark jones was there for an expose of a close look at the third critical police there was dissolved. >> this bay ridge project is two weeks ahead of schedule. it took 12 hours to move the first are related to position the the second or the weekend i watched from this catwalk as this third piece was just moved into place.
5:27 am
the 1,200 t is lifted up until the the same time. it is time consuming so i will speed of the video for you 6000 percent see you can see it being moved once it is a vertical, straight up the hoisted up so they can lord on these drugs coming out from the foundation you cannot tell from here i am so i know about those rods are each 60 10 ft. tall the tower has to slip down perfectly on the more than 100 rob for the section when the tar was finally standing straight its entire weight was on the barge which and began to creek with noise water was constantly being pumped into the bird is weather and to keep the birds stable. the band and you hear that is the workers disconnecting the 1,200 t from its cradle so that they can begin to lift a few inches at a time. workers will stand on these wooden platforms to help position that as it goes into place. it without a hitch. the fourth leg is installed by this saturday as you can see in this
5:28 am
animation they have four more sections to install the next in october and when that happens drivers on the bay bridge will see the construction as the drive by. on the new rate bridge, mark jones kron4 news. >> bay area bargains well we come back a list of stories for you including in the aftermath of the prop a
5:29 am
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in nearby clyde pictures showing you 3 camera on the left and didn't discover and then on the right-hand side s of our farmers up a camera in san jose we have got dark conditions are right now. >> nice. >> it is cool. let's bring drawdowns for you with louisa. >> conditions. yes we do. in fact it's so dark you may not be able to doubt that there is low clouds and fog are sure you know the answer is yes. once again another morning with local of feared even a little better drizzle of their ones are expected to pick up the
5:31 am
substance of his keep by mind as you had a very evening commute. close wednesday get to 21. o!w
5:32 am
5:33 am
5:34 am
5:35 am
>> k2c for an old foe for a chat
5:36 am
5:37 am
lillehammer house coat. he said for cascarilla zero says have that we're thus will will. here is a statement from a grant from the president of the organization he said: on this group of hispanic judge wrote or co-wrote the good and but as of 7 many californias. the marriage to say as one and n one woman. our coverage continues on line later commented the latest sales of that is available at also making headlines this morning in the concord man whose temples killed his troops against and is expected to enter a plea in court today seeing here 500
5:38 am
steven ashley this is videos taken during a jailhouse interview he on the tables that fairly attacked in the grip. he has been charged with felony and eight causing injury and allowing additional channel as large. ac transit is hoping that bus service regions will end sunday when the transit system searches back to the old work rules and will schedule. we have seen an elevated number of people out sick during this labor dispute with escalated back on june 18th when the trends a bird impose a new contract ac transit member said that this is a sickout that is cause a lot of the delays and cancellations the union continues to maintain there never was a sick joke. san jose city officials have formally rejected the firefighters' unions latest contracts proposals which the union claims
5:39 am
would save release five and a half million dollars. the city council has asked from members of the need to instead a vote on an 8.9 reduction in total compensation this will allow the city to hire back those 49 firefighters who were laid off last weekend it would also restore one for richard and for fire engines team leaders have not commented on the city's latest request we will take a break we will be back with more over nine news and developments in just a bit. ♪
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and experience tv like you've never seen before. ♪ for a limited time, get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months with dvr included. and miramax, here is a quick lead get stocks the dow ended wednesday just about half a percent of the nasdaq ended a almost a full percent. you can see its stock futures this morning they are slightly up but they did start to fall after a jump in jobless claims the initial jump rose to their highest levels since april it is a sign now that hiring remains weak and some companies are still cutting workers the labor department's as the
5:42 am
nucleus for unemployment insurance rose by 19,000 to a seasonally adjusted four under and 39000. analysts had expected a small drop. so the bike that the rise here twice in the past three weeks not getting good play on wall street we will see how the numbers move when the opening bell rings and over of minutes. news story this morning sources say monday based google and horizon are closing to finalizing a proposal for surf or network neutrality rules those rules would dictate how bread brand riders treat internet traffic. a deal could be announced within days. any deal could be the basis for federallegislation[lñvi likely state efforts by the fcc industrywide agreements. a very contentious review which is fitted the big funds and cable companies against many of the internet companies will see what comes of this. also view this morning the latest with elan that taken we will have more on that coming up and amend the
5:43 am
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well the kansas sen felting says he is ready to sign a marriage license if the accord gives the go-ahead but district attorney told the crowd the legal road is just beginning. >> this fight is not over. will
5:47 am
party tonight but we will continue the struggle and take this case as far as we need to take it. to fight for what is right. (applause) >> (music) >> and of course you will continue to follow this story has a long way to go before it ultimately resulted trent kron4 and lots of resources there for you is 5:47 a.m. a look at the forecast with louisa. good morning. >> good morning. on the creek is one of the first phase of the sock and the fog fairly in walnut creek we're still keeping those temperatures in the '50s low 50s though. by noon time getting out to 60. high temperatures today only 77 and then back down again to the upper 60s pretty o'clock hour.
5:48 am
right now that fog is really widespread red cross the bay area starting to see it again on the northern portions of the peninsula and force further inland pushing into the delta portion river under the livermore valley and done to disobey this morning san jose, morgan hill getting a great deal of fog. 7:00, we will continue to keep widespread see the portrait and adults into the central valley and 9:00, so same story fairly widespread fog is not going anywhere even by the 10:00 hour still singing river and in the bay area to the states and portions of livermore. new, still dealing with that low cloud cover of their we'll get some breaks of sunshine. play a cloud around even to early afternoon. temperatures are in the '50s. 54 livermore and starting to warm up and down view. in the afternoon, keeping it in the '70s is for the north bay 74 for santa rosa, report " below
5:49 am
average. but it is really the peninsula that is the cubicle today yesterday we did not get out of the 50s today we could collect livermore coming in right around 57 degrees. daly is still sitting in the '50s lower 60s to berkeley, oakland. down into union city, hayward about 72. and and keeping in the upper seventies is their own rally or any act. 84. the measures will mainly stay in the '70s but only getting up to about to descend trees. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay., it shows is cooling of even more as we head into your friday the last of the work we could be a chilly one. james. check on your commute this morning at 549 a checked here was around 80 disaster to the freeway just before the tour was up traffic is moving one of your new issue being reported on the stand so you're making your commute from the macarthur maze to the city in 9 minutes from
5:50 am
here listen to san mateo highway 92 checking on the drop by volume is still moderate nothing to big, heavy getting in your way arrive from the space i about to the peninsula said about 101 is looking okay about 12 minutes or so, golden gate is moving well coming out of print money you can see those tabloids are moving without any incident chp has been out there and no accidents, incidents to get in your way. 21 minutes morning. one last shot from the south bay we have traffic on one no one by the over across moving without too much or from period represents is our dream which means these are better than 50 m.p.h. if your head on no. 111 from san jose you get to santa clara and just 12 minutes. more weather, traffic in a moment. students will return to trace elementary school in just 11 days, that does not give the district much time they're racing against the clock to get was ready after the arson fire.
5:51 am
all of them as overdone in early june officials say they will be ready for students with poor or costumes on site, they also have a middle school across the street that they can use as well even as the district is trying to raise funds to pay the hundred thousand dollar deductible for the insurance to cover for is for the building that was burned the sin as a firebrand donated $5,000 to about. here are some state airlines for you state corrections officials have been ordered by gov. schwarzenegger to let the public when a sex offender slips away from certain provisions that comes after recent incidences where they had parolees' attack teenage girls after they discarded their gps link a gold bracelet so a correction of the promises it will likely post this information on the public website so look for the to develop, a bodyguard was one of the last people to see in the cole smith
5:52 am
alive is expected to testify in the drug conspiracy trial of two doctors and and and nicole smith's lawyer or a friend murray's is is less than, you try to revive smith, he has given varying accounts on what he sought. his testimony comes after a day of opening statements miss doctor and career have pleaded not guilty to charges of were prescribing drugs they have not been having church was causing the drop. >> it looks like it will be taken as a day, she will be in dry i believe the support of the entire seven and will join the supreme court the full senate is expected to vote for her today, there is little doubt that she will not be confirmed, this'll be the first on the three women have served on the high court at the same time we did not to develop your the afternoon. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. here are live pictures i of san leandro this morning where we had a water line break
5:53 am
overnight, as you can see we have public-works crews on the scene this entire array is block down from hours to come is expected to try and get a real national pastime? saving money. and like baseball people love their stats.
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we're getting more and now they u.s. army helicopters are flying its first relief missions into pakistan's flood ravaged northwest authorities began evacuating half a million people
5:56 am
living along the river there in the country's out today actually these floods of course caused the worst more soon in decades, a lot of folks out there in pretty bad shape. for as u.s. helicopters are on the scene. more to come. another story for you of course the landmark decision in the proper a case that could end up in the supreme court there's a really good job of that the federal judge who throughout california's order through the marriage ban has set a deadline for legal players to be fired by both sides of the same-sex marriage to wait to has been a long one here in california kron4 is bikila caveat is takes a look at what lit up. >> same-sex marriage brought headlines when couples what the city also to tie the knot thousands exchange bows as the clock ticked. here's the time line on how proud they came to be. the very 2004 santa disco mayor gavin newsom okays a
5:57 am
sharing merrill prices the same sextuples august 2004 california supreme court rules minnies of overstepped his authority and the careers of four dozen same- sex marriages null and void. thus 4 to may 2008 california supreme court reviews state constitution protect right for same-sex couples to marry. in june 2008 1 million signatures are submitted to prop 8 on the ballot. in november 2008 california voters passed propagate the ban on same-sex marriage with approximately 52 percent of the votes. january 20th 102 california gay couples sued claiming the ban violates their civil-rights. august 4, 2010 at 1:48 p.m. a federal judge strikes down propagate and allows same-sex marriage in california. but it does not necessarily stop here, for say the case will likely be a build in the first of the ninth
5:58 am
circuit court of appeals and then if the justice agree to review all the way to the u.s. supreme court. san francisco vicki livy august kron4 news. a quick break back with more news in a moment.
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